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About Us

As a keen gardener I've tried many products over the years.  After buying Spray-N-Grow â a number of years ago, I tried it and was astonished by the results.  I continued to use Spray-N-Grow â on all my plants and let my family and friends into the secret.  Amazed by the results themselves they also started to use Spray-N-Grow â and were as happy as me with the product.  However, about 18 months ago I ran out of Spray-N-Grow â and was unable to find anyone selling it in the UK or Europe.

I continued to enjoy my gardening over the last 18 months and used various other products available, but none gave the same results as Spray-N-Grow â .

I decided it would be a great business opportunity to make Spray-N-Grow â easily available in the UK and Europe, so everyone would by able to purchase the product and experience the great results it gives by starting my own company, The Garden Parlour Ltd.

I hope you will all enjoy the benefits Spray-N-Grow â will provide and would love to see the results.  Please send us your photos and testimonials or submit on-line, so we can share your results with others. 

Happy gardening!