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Coco-Wet 236ml (8oz)

Make Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients, Bill's Perfect Fertiliser and other nutrients stick

The combination of Spray-N-Grow and Bill's Perfect Fertiliser provides all the nutrition plants need in a foliar spray.  Bill knew garden sprays worked bettter with a wetting agent to reduce runnoff and allow plants to absorb more nutrients.  Bill created Coco-Wet, an organic wetting agent with no ionic charge, which allows Spray-N-Grow and Bill's Perfect Fertiliser to work at peak effciency.

The longer a foliar spray stays on plants' leaves, the more efficently nutrients are absorbed by the plant.  Use Coco-Wet with Spray-N-Grow, Bill's Perfect Fertiliser or other nutrients to reduce run-off and evaporation and get maximum benefit from your sprays.  Coco-Wet is organic, nonionic and compatible with all nutrient sprays. 

Made in U.S.A 236ml (8oz) concentrate treats 363 litres.

236ml (8oz) - £7.99