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"On the left, sweet basil grown with Spray-N-Grow, on the right, without Spray-N-Grow, in the center sweet Jennifer raised with TLC."

Bill Zook
Washington, PA

"I've been using Spray-N-Grow for 10 years.  All my plants were absolutely amazing!  People would stop and admire the flowers!  I was so proud.  I've tried other products, but nothing delivers the same results."

Heather Wedo
Phillipsburg, New Jersey

"I use Spray-N-Grow at least once a month.  This photo was taken May 30 and they're even bigger now."

Jeannette Lamy
Manchester, New Hampshire

"I have used Spray-N-Grow for years.  My experience has always been excellent."

Jenni Johnson
Chicago, Illinois