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Many gardeners have a deep seated desire to grow big vegetables, fruit and flowers.  Well, maybe very big.  Okay, maybe giant, even monster-sized.  It seems many of those gardeners have discovered that Spray-N-Grow â can definitely help them produce the biggest watermelon, tomato, carrot, sunflower... this list is endless... they have ever grown.

In fact, several Spray-N-Grow â gardeners are international, national and state award winners for growing the "big stuff".  Harry Hurley of North Carolina grew the largest Green bean listed in the Guinness Book of Records in both 1994 and 1997.  His 1994 winner measured 48 ¾ and in 1997 his world record bean was 51 ¾ .  Waddell Estep of Donaldson, Arkansas won the Championship in the watermelon division of the World Pumpkin Weight-Off in 1993 with his 197 ½ pound watermelon.  He also won in 1989 and 1990 and came in second in 1991 and 1992.  His largest watermelon was 245 pounds in 1990.

John Turner of Atlanta, Georgia enters many contests each year.  In 1993, John won second place in the Georgia Giant Tomato contest with a 2 pound 12 ounce Super Steak Tomato and first place at the North Georgia State Fair with his 275 pound pumpkin.  Dana Rouse and his daughter, Diane, won the Lanior and Wayne County Fair in North Carolina with their 258 ½  pound watermelon.  They all credit Spary-N-Grow â with giving them a competitive advantage.

Here are some tips on growing "garden monsters":

1. Select the right seeds - There are varieties in many types of vegetables and fruit that were developed to produce larger produce.  "You can't grow a record tomato from a regular seed", says John.  Waddell got his seeds from his neighbour, a former world champion.
2. Check your zone - This will help ensure the type of large vegetables and fruit you want to rise can be grown in your climate.
3.  Prepare your soil - Different types of plants require different soil composition and fertiliser.  You will need a soil test to help you determine what nutrients you will need to add to your soil.  A test kit is easy to use and provides immediate results.
4.  Keep the grass and weeds away from your plants - They take vital nutrients from the soil.
5.  Water your plants at the proper time and with the correct amount of water - Too much water will rot the roots.
6.  Aggressively prevent insect infestation - If you spray your plants with an organic insecticide, wait 2-3 days before/after spraying with Spray-N-Grow â .  If you spray your plants with a chemical insecticide, wait 5-7 days before/after spraying Spray-N-Grow â .
7.  Provide your plants with complete nutrition - Competitive gardeners use the following application schedule with excellent results: Apply Spray-N-Grow â and a fertiliser (2 to 1 ratio) weekly.  Wait 2-3 days and apply Spray-N-Grow â at double strength.
8.  Be willing to try anything new - According to John, "my theory is, in addition to Spray-N-Grow â , if there's something that might be beneficial, I'll try it.  No one source has all the beneficial ingredients". "But I wouldn't do without Spray-N-Grow â, " Waddell adds, "I experiment a lot.  If it might help, I'll try anything".