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How to use Spray-N-Grow â

Spray-N-Grow â is a concentrate that you mix with warm water.  Spray the leaves of all your plants - houseplants, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees - for excellent results.  Don't forget fertiliser, adequate sun and water.

Mixing Instructions

Spray-N- Grow â Concentrate          Warm Water
1 Teaspoon                                               500ml(16oz)
2 Teaspoons                                            1 litre (32oz)
2 Tablespoons                                                3.8 litres

- Only mix enough Spray-N-Grow â to be used in a 4-6 hour period.
-  Add Spray-N-Grow â to lukewarm water (or the temperature in which you would wash your hands) and stir.  Do not use cold water.
- After 2 minutes check the colour of the solution.  It should be amber or yellow indicating that Spray-N-Grow â has activated.  The colour may vary significantly from light to dark.  If this doesn't happen see "check your water" in Spray-N-Grow â Q & A.
- Wait 15 minutes before applying Spray-N-Grow â to your plants.

Spray Your Plants

- Spray leaves and surrounding soil until you see a little run-off.  When misting houseplants, mist until the leaves are wet.  Pour leftover solution into the soil.
- The best time of day to apply Spray-N-Grow â is early morning (before 9.00am) or dusk-to-night, as plants pores are open during these hours and Spray-N-Grow â is used most efficiently.
- Use
any sprayer that provides a fog or a fine mist.  The only sprayer that cannot be used with Spray-N-Grow â is a hose-end sprayer. 
- Any sprayer, even a new one, must be cleaned before using Spray-N-Grow â .  Clean with a vinegar and water solution (5ml per 500ml of water), then rinse thoroughly with plain water (fill sprayer completely and pour out water twice).  It is only necessary to clean a sprayer one time if it is used only for Spray-N-Grow â .

Use of Spray-N-Grow â with other products

- If you are using a chemical fertiliser, fungicide or insecticide, wait 5 to 7 days before or after using Spray-N-Grow â
If you are using an organic fertiliser, fungicide or insecticide, wait 2-3 days before or after using Spray-N-Grow â .
- If your plants are newly purchased, wait 5 days before applying Spray-N-Grow â .