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Spray-N-Grow â Q & A

Is Spray-N-Grow â a hormone or fertiliser?
It's neither.  It's micronutrient complex formulated with naturally occurring elements.  Spray-N-Grow â delivers all of the micronutrients necessary for plant growth not provided by your fertiliser or nutrient solution.

Is Spray-N-Grow â nontoxic?
Yes, Spray-N-Grow â is completely nontoxic and is an organic product made from natural minerals mined in Texas. It is safe for people, plants and pets. You can pick and eat fruits or vegetables the same day you spray them!

Can I put too much Spray-N-Grow â on my plants or use it too often?
No! However, don't forget to wait 5 to 7 days before or after applying Spray-N-Grow â before using any type of chemical on your plants!

How long will the Spray-N-Grow â concentrate last?
As long as the cap is on tightly the Spray-N-Grow â concentrate will last many years.  Once the concentrate is mixed with water, it will lose its effectiveness in about 4-6 hours.

Can I use Spray-N-Grow â on all my plants?
Yes.  Spray-N-Grow â will produce excellent results on flowers, vegetables, herbs, houseplants, shrubs, trees and grass.

Can rain wash Spray-N-Grow â off my plants?
As long as Spray-N-Grow â has had a chance to dry, it can't be washed off.

How soon will I be able to see a difference in my plants after applying Spray-N-Grow â ?
Normally you will see a difference in 7 to 30 days depending on whether it's a tender or a woody plant (more tender plants, like herbs, react faster).  On food crops, the main results are at harvest.  Spray-N-Grow â treated plants have always produced significantly more fruits, vegetables and flowers when compared to control plants in scientific tests conducted by universities and independent researchers.

I added Spray-N-Grow â to water but is hasn't changed colour, why?
The colour change may be very slight with some water and you may not detect it unless you compare it to a glass of your regular untreated water (set them side by side on a white sheet of paper).  If the colour change has not taken place check that you have used warm water (27°-38°C) and you have used enough Spray-N-Grow â .  If after checking these points, add a small amount of bicarbonate of soda to the solution (1ml for 500ml).  Wait 2-3 minutes and check the colour again.  Repeat this steps until the solution is amber or yellow.