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Exactly what is Spray-N-Grow â ? "It's like vitamins for your plants!" ä

Sixteen (or more) chemical elements are known to be essential for the growth of most plants, and a few are used by some plants under certain conditions.  The essential elements are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, molybdenum, copper, boron, zinc and chlorine.  Two other nutrients needed by some plants are sodium and cobalt.

Mineral nutrients are divided into groups according to the quantity plants use.  The primary mineral nutrients (macronutrients) used in the largest amounts are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  The (secondary) mineral nutrients used in the smallest amounts are micronutrients.  Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are not mineral nutrients, but are essential elements.

Spray-N-Grow â is a simple mix of micronutrients, cultured in a water base, that acts as a biocatalyst.  A professor at a major agriculture university stated that Spray-N-Grow â is a balanced system of micronutrients reacting synergistically... all components working together harmoniously that, in effect, perform as a single active ingredient.

Spray-N-Grow â :
1) Activates dormant microorganisms in the soil enabling plants to better utilise nutrients
2) Concentrates phosphate at the bud tips, which causes the plant to produce more blooms and set more fruit
3) Reconditions the soil and helps to restore it back to its natural fertility by restoring microbial activity
4) Relieves the built-up stress condition caused by over-fertilisation, salt buildup and petrochemical use

Dr A E Nightingale's work with Spray-N-Grow â on various vegetable crops proves how Spray-N-Grow â increases yields, increases solids content, improves root structure and improves overall fruit quality.  These results have been confirmed by researches and growers throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Spray-N-Grow â concentrate is non-toxic and completed safe for people, plants and pets.