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Spray-N-Grow         Hydroponics

Spray-N-Grow is not a fertilizer, hormone or hydroponic nutrient solution.  Spray-N-Grow is a foliar feed micronutrient complex made of naturally occurring elements essential for plant growth.  Use Spray-N-Grow to make your hydroponic plants grow, thrive and produce.

Benefits include increased fruit set, increased yields, increased size by weight and diameter, increased root mass, earlier blooming and harvest, higher vitamin and mineral content and increased shelf-life.  

Fertilizers and nutrient solutions provide your plants with major elements necessary for plant growth.  Some contain a few additional elements.  Spray-N-Grow provides your plants with essential minor elements (micronutrients) not provided by your hydroponic nutrient solution.  Spray-N-Grow is the only micronutrient product available with the balanced formula of micronutrients that causes these elements to interact with one another.  The ingredients in Spray-N-Grow are blended to act as one synergistic ingredient, when activated, to give plants more of what they need to be their very best.

Proven in hydroponics greenhouse trails, Spray-N-Grow benefits include larger fruit, flowers and blooms, more blooms and fruit, larger roots, earlier blooming and harvest, higher vitamin and mineral content and increased shelf-life.